About Us

Daloc Industries®'s action location is Pakistan's largest industrial and sports goods producing and supplying city Sialkot. With numerous tanneries, gloves industries and factories within a small city is the largest foreign export revenue generator for the country. The city has a unique  recognition worldwide for quality products not only in sportswear industry but also in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Daloc Industries (gloves) is proud to be part of that leading and quality dedicatory PPE industry.

Daloc Industries® was started with inspiration from world's famous brands in Safety Gloves producing quality and preventing work injuries. We had followed majors and introduced more attractive, durable, stylish, need oriented enhanced gloves. Our irreplaceable research and development during past 5 years based on customers, individuals, at work sites and race tracks has helped us to bring new improved gloves that performed better and were in competition with others. Today, we are competing many brands and have recognition in industry. The race is not ended here but we strive for extreme. 

After a long journey of manufacturing experience and success, we are confidently inviting your esteemed organizations to be our long term business partner. We give you an opportunity to check our quality products in all aspects and you will certainly find us quality makers. If you are interested, send us your inquiry and have our quality samples for your considerations. We are just a call or email away from you.


Social Compliance:

Being an Eco - friendly organization, our production until is socially complained and with accordance  to international  standard and ISO requirements. We provide our labor a good working environment & take pride in meeting international  standards when it comes to providing a safe and comfortable working environment to our employees.